Who are we

TGIF is the first leading flea market creator & organizer with 4 years of expertise in launching imaginative flea market. We focus on creating the ultimate shopping, chilling, dining experience by throwing the creative offline event for Bangkokians under fun theme and decoration.

How we begins?

It all starts in Mar 2014 when we first decided to jump into this fun creation journey, it was pure innocence of making it once in a lifetime kind of event. Thereafter, not a single event we have done is under the same theme. We take FRESH and FUN seriously.

Brand Philosophy

Bring the niche & premium brands to be approachable into the market with the purpose to create the new statement  of urbanized lifestyle.


Playground for urbanista.

Why us?

  • Well-known brand footprint as a leading flea market in Bangkok
  • Creative theme and event with marketing campaigns 
  • Premium & unique brands under one roof
  • Various Partnerships 
  • Consumer insight
  • User experiences