TGIF Market Episode 18


  • Event: TGIF Market Episode 18
  • Timeline: 16-19 Aug 2018
  • Venue: Central world
  • Theme: Retro café
  • Despite our usual routine to launch event outside of central world, we are now inside with a small-sized event. It’s probably our smallest one so far since year 2014, we experiences a different traffic than usual yet we enjoyed very much. 

    IMG 0030
    IMG 0033
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    IMG 0160
    TGIF 18AUG-21
    TGIF 18AUG-50
    TGIF 18AUG-55
    TGIF 18AUG-67
    TGIF 18AUG-73
    TGIF 18AUG-76