TGIF Market understands any information that identifies the customer to whom such information pertains is of utmost importance. Company, therefore, has established the following privacy policy for its handling and protection of personal information.
Personal Information Collection and Usage
When you use, services provided on you will be asked to provide personal information such as name, contact address, e-mail, telephone number, Bank account number or credit card details, etc. and including, but not limited to, users' behavior. TGIF Market generally collect this information for the following purposes:
-To facilitate your use of the Services (as defined in the Terms of Use) and/or access to the website;
-To facilitate your use of the Services by communicating via phone call, email or text message on the usage of the Service of the Website or any activities from another third-parties’ website to acknowledge or answer the questions.
-To deliver the sales promotion to the target market from Personal Information Collection and Non-Personal Information Collection through the platform, from the time to use the platform and product categories or any of benefits from the Website.
-To deliver the Sales Offer to the target market from Personal Information Collection.
Disclosure of Personal Information
-The Company will not disclose your personal identification information to any third parties without your prior consent.
-The Company may share only the personal information that is relevant to the job or the event for the Organizer or the Manager of the event.
Modification to Privacy and Disclaimer
Company reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy and disclaimer at any time. The content presented on this page is considered the latest version. Should any modification to our Privacy Policy occur, we will post the updated version on the page so that you are always aware of how we safeguard your personal data.
The Company has implemented the appropriate technical, physical security management and loss prevention using disproportionate access the data without permission to disclosure or adjustment change personal information.
However, The Company reserves the liability protection of such security as there is not a single system or public network that can guarantee to be completely and thoroughly secured.